Tips for New Jays


As the #NewJays2017 begin to arrive in Omaha, we asked the Creighton community what pieces of advice they have for the Class of 2021. 

Below, see tips from current students and alumni on dorm room essentials, dining hall hacks and how to make the most of your time at Creighton University. 

Meet the professor

After class is finished on the first day, go and shake your professor’s hand. And don’t be nervous. With an average student-to-faculty ratio of 11:1, professors are used to interacting with students.

“You’ll enjoy the class so much more and be less nervous about approaching them for help if you know them from the get-go,” one current student said. 

Good eats

The Creighton community had plenty of food-related suggestions. In Becker Dining Hall, go for a grilled cheese. Need a late-night study break? Meet up with your friends for some late-night cookies at Java Jay. Some ice cream hack suggestions we received: Make ice cream sandwiches with cookies from the dessert table or mix vanilla ice cream with Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. And be sure to befriend Miss Debbie, who works in the dining halls. She will be sure to put a smile on your face!

Friendly faces

The best way to make the transition to college life? Get out of your dorm room and participate in Welcome Week activities. “You will likely meet your best lifelong friend in those first few days,” one graduate said. 

Another way to make friends while giving back is to go on a service trip with the Schlegel Center for Service and Justice, another Creighton graduate recommended.

And if you can’t make it home for a holiday break, such as Thanksgiving or Easter, go home with a friend. “It helps with homesickness, and you get a home cooked meal,” one recent graduate said.  

Explore Omaha

For a break from studying or campus life, get out and explore Omaha. Just be sure not to turn left off Dodge Street, one recent graduate said.

Also, the Old Market, Downtown Omaha’s entertainment and arts district, is within walking distance from campus, with plenty of restaurants and ice cream shops at which to dine. 

Pool noodle

Be sure to get a foam pool noodle to place under lofted beds in your dorm room. Slice the pool noodle lengthwise, then fit it over the bottom edge and secure. It will prevent you from hitting your head. (Your noggin will thank you later.)

Make the most of this new experience

This is your time to shine and learn about yourself and the world. “Creighton is an amazing place to grow as an individual,” a recent graduate said. “Don’t be afraid of anything. The culture of support is a very refreshing safety net.”