Facts when Hiring

Quick Facts for Supervisors about Creighton Student Employment

When hiring a student, supervisor must submit PR-2S hiring form. Upon receipt of the hiring form, the Student Employment Office will check the system to see if Creighton has a valid Federal I-9 and W4 on file.  If not, the student will receive email instructions on how to proceed.  Students will be directed to the Human Resources Office to complete the on-line I-9, W-4 tax withholding form and Direct deposit authorization. If a student is active in the payroll system from other CU employment, they do not need to complete another W-4 or I-9. Call us if youíre not sure. 280-2457.  All hiring forms for students are available at http://www.creighton.edu/studentemployment/hiringmaterials/

International Students may work a maximum of 20 hrs/wk during the school year, and 40 hrs/wk over breaks.  International students should check with the Office of International Programs for additional information about employment restrictions and tax status.  IP students will need to obtain a valid Social Security number at time of hire.  Here are instructions on locating the Social Security Office in Omaha.

All student earnings (Federal Work Study  & University Employment funded ) are taxable and must be reported on studentís tax return. Payroll will mail every student who worked a W-2 in late January or early February. If a student didnít get a W-2, they should request one from payroll. Call 402-280-2769.

Students are exempt from FICA withholding (7.65%) as long as they are enrolled at least 1/2 time at Creighton.

Federal Work Study earnings information will be e-mailed to the designated department supervisor every pay period.  These reports will also indicate FWS  $ pay rates, $ semester award amounts and $ balances remaining.  Supervisors should share this information with their FWS student workers.  Students can view their up to date FWS earnings through their Student Self Service web site.  Follow the Financial Aid links to award history and look in the paid to date column.  Both supervisors and students will be e-mailed when they have reached their FWS earnings limits.  At that time, their FWS timesheets will stop and students should be taken off work schedules.  Departments always have the option of hiring students who have run out of FWS funds.

Earnings reports for University employment (UE) students are not available to the Student Employment Office.  Each department should have access to running their Payroll distribution report at will to see non-FWS student earnings.  Check with the Controller's office if you need authorization to run this report.  It is available through the web based Discoverer reporting tool.

Student employees do not qualify for sick,vacation or holiday pay. Overtime pay ( time and one-half) is mandatory for any hours worked over 40 in one week, regardless of how many departments student works in. (If a student worked 20 hrs for you and 25 for another CU dept. , the combined total is 45 hours. Overtime will be paid for 5 hours.)

All grant-funded positions (200000 # series) must be approved by Sponsored Programs Administration prior to hire.

Employing department is responsible to ensure that student workers who are exposed to blood, blood products, or body fluids at work receive the Hepatitis immunization series. Check with CU Environmental Health and Safety for more information, 546-6400.

For more in-depth information, go to the Supervisors handbook.