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“My time as an intern for University Communications and Marketing has been a great learning experience. I work alongside industry professionals that give me the opportunity to create public content. Being an intern for the University takes the skills you pick up in the classroom and fine-tunes them for your career."

- Connor Cahill
UCOM Intern

On-Campus Student Employment

Handshake is Creighton University's online career management system that offers many benefits including a search function for On-Campus Student Employment, a mobile friendly interface, and a personalized experience for students and employers to connect for opportunities. Keep in mind that some on-campus jobs are filled by word-of-mouth. Contact any departments of interest directly.

What Every New Employee Needs To Know

In order to comply with Federal law, all students at time of hire must complete a Federal I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification form.  You must present Creighton Human Resources staff a valid photo ID  and an ORIGINAL document that proves you are eligible to work in the US. (The most commonly acceptable documents are: original social security card or original birth certificate or US Passport.)  No photocopies or faxes please. International students must present unexpired passport with US VISA, I-94 and I-20. View I-9 form and a complete list of acceptable documents.

Campus Jobs

Campus Jobs

For additional on-campus departments who frequently hire, see CU table of Depts.

For all on campus and off campus job information go to www.creighton.edu/careercenter/handshake/ or call the John P. Fahey Career Center at 402-280-2722.

Creighton supervisors, contact CU Human Resources to set up your profile and begin listing your campus jobs. 402-280-2709.

Creighton students looking for campus employment should begin by creating an on-line application. Go here to begin the process: https://careers.creighton.edu.

Use this system to get a user name and password.

Complete an on-line job application. Choose the button that says "student employment application." You can also attach a cover letter and resume to this application.

View current campus jobs for students and direct your application to postings you are interested in if you meet the qualifications. Use the button that says "CU Student Jobs" to search postings. Hiring managers will contact you if they wish to interview you.

View campus jobs and jobs near campus at the John P. Fahey Career Center's Handshake.

Other Employers

Other Employers

Are you interested in a job that is on-campus and works around your class and exam schedule? Then explore what Sodexo has to offer by visiting Creighton Dining today! To obtain additional information, you may also stop by the Sodexo Human Resources office located (temporarily) in the SKUTT Student Center, Room 220.

Intramural Sports Official

Intramural Sports Official

The Creighton Competitive Sports program is looking for students to officiate and supervise Intramural contests. No experience necessary. You receive all the training you need! For more information, contact Greg Durham, Assistant Director of Competitive sports at GregDurham@Creighton.edu or stop by the Recreation & Wellness office (KFC 212).

Intramural Sports Officials shall be responsible for the complete game control of all officiated Intramural contests. Intramural Sports Officials shall be supervised by Competitive Sport Supervisors, Program Assistants and the Assistant Director for Competitive Sports. Specific duties include:

  • Arrive prepared and on time to all scheduled shifts
  • Officiate all intramural contests with complete integrity and professionalism
  • Maintain an appropriate professional demeanor always
  • Manage players and spectators on the field/court
  • Help participants understand the sport they are participating in.
  • Participate in official evaluations
  • Enforce and rule on Sportsmanship always.
  • Assist with the check-in of all intramural contests.
  • Attend all required trainings and workshops.
  • Rotate between calling official and score official.
  • Run captain's meeting prior to all contests
  • Ensure proper use of equipment
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Currently enrolled student at Creighton University
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Knowledge of, or ability to learn Intramural Sport Rules
  • Ability to life 50 pounds and be physically active during a shift


Intramural Officials are paid $9.25 for each hour worked.

Teaching Assistants Biology and Chemistry

Teaching Assistants Biology and Chemistry

Hixson-Lied Science BuildingThe departments of Biology and Chemistry begin the application process for Fall Teaching Assistants during the Spring semester of the prior academic year. Go to their departmental web sites for more information.

We have some changes to our application process.  It is now paperless.  We are hiring to fill positions at Starbucks, Retail and Resident Dining.  To apply on-line go to http://sodexo.balancetrak.com/creighton.