Creighton Intercultural Center

Creighton Intercultural Center

Division of Student Life
Brandeis #B03
2500 California Plaza
Omaha, Nebraska 68178  

Phone: 402.280.2459
Fax: 402.280.2453

Creighton Intercultural Center


Through our services and programs to students, staff and faculty we advance the educational, cultural, and social understanding of our diverse human family.

We have a new name!

Building on the rich history of what was formerly known as the Office of Multicultural Affairs, we are excited to announce our new name:

Creighton Intercultural Center!!

We chose a name that we felt would be more representative of the work that we do, the services that we provide, and the atmosphere of the space.

  • Creighton: We represent and serve all of Creighton and our mission is to engage the entire Creighton community in our work for inclusion and appreciation of diversity.
  • Intercultural: Intercultural refers to the relationships that take place between cultures. Intercultural denotes that people from different cultural groups have a mutual interest to interact with one another, learn, and grow together.
  • Center: We want to highlight the wonderful space that we have and "center" acknowledges that many activities can take place at one time and has a more inclusive connotation.

For events see the Creighton Diversity Calendar!