There are a number of employment positions available in the Department of Residence Life at Creighton.

Desk Receptionist

The Desk Receptionist (DR) is a Department of Residence Life student staff member whose main responsibility is to provide a welcoming, informative presence at each residence hall/apartment area front desk while accounting for the safety and security of the building. The DR receives direct supervision from the Assistant Resident Director (ARD) with the support from the hallís Resident Director and the Desk Operations Supervisor. Positions in the undergraduate residence halls operate on a 9-month academic year cycle beginning in August and ending in May. There is also a 3-month summer cycle in the undergraduate halls beginning in May and ending in August. The apartment complexes operate on a 12-month cycle.

1. Applicants cannot be on Academic or Disciplinary Probation and must have a cumulative G.P.A. of 2.5 or above to apply for the DR position.
2. Completed at least one semester of collegiate academic work and be enrolled as a full-time student during employment.
3. Prior residence hall leadership, campus ministry retreat, or weekly service experience is preferred and will be used as an initial criterion in evaluating candidates.

This hourly position provides a starting wage of $8.00an hour, which will increase with the state-mandated minimum wage increase. The typical amount of hours a DR works ranges from 10 to 20 hours a week. This role combined with other on campus employment cannot exceed 30 hours a week during the academic year. Outside the regular Residence Life academic year (i.e. semester breaks and summer) additional hours may be available. DRís may only work in their assigned residence hall. DRís must work a total of two break periods; one (1) long break (Fall Break or Spring Break) and one (1) short break (Thanksgiving Break or Easter Break). Federal Work Study candidates who are selected for and accept a desk receptionist position will be required to speak with the Desk Operations Supervisor about use of these funds. Standard Residence Life hourly pay rates will apply.


The Graduate Resident Director (GRD) is a live-in, graduate student staff member contributing to the successful provision of services, resources and programs in Creighton's residence halls and apartment communities. The GRD provides hall level leadership to create an orderly environment in academic and personal pursuits of all residents. This includes, but is not limited to, supervising and developing staff that, as a team, purposefully develop community and residents, inform residents about pertinent community news/announcements and support their engagement in academic and co-curricular pursuits, mediate roommate conflicts, adjudicate possible policy violations, and provide administrative oversight for the successful provision of all security, facility, and other functions of a Hall. The GRD reports through a full-time Resident Director (RD), working as part of the RD/GRD team to provide leadership for the assigned hall(s) and across the department. GRDs serve across a 12-month employment period beginning June 1 and ending May 31 of the following year. 

 For any questions or more information, please contact kristenroppolo@creighton.edu or by phone at 402-546-6311

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