Cortina FAQ

What makes Cortina unique?

Cortina students are some of the most welcoming and hospitable students at Creighton.

The Cortina community is strongly rooted in Jesuit education and draws in students who want to learn about the world around them and grow in community with others.  Students bring their own opinions to discussions and talk through different perspectives in order to promote social change at Creighton and beyond.  Cortina provides a safe space for students to explore their vocations and to see how they can use their gifts for the greater good.

What classes will I take as part of Cortina?  Do they meet graduation requirements?

Cortina sophomores live together on several floors in Heider Hall.

Where do I live as a member of Cortina?

Since Cortina is a two-year program, we have different options for our freshmen and sophomore students.  As a new student to the University, Cortina freshmen live in one of our first-year buildings on campus, which allows for you to meet and make friends across campus!  The housing options include: Deglman Hall, Gallagher Hall, Kiewit Hall and Swanson Hall. Sophomore students in the program all live together on a floor in one of our apartment style residence halls.

The freshman and sophomore participants in the program come together during the week for service and for Formation Time activities, where they can learn about important social justice issues at the local, national and global levels.

How much time will I spend doing Cortina activities each week?

You can expect to spend approximately four to five hours each week doing Cortina activities. Students serve in the community for approximately three hours and spend about one hour learning about social justice issues on Sunday nights.                                        

Where do I serve as a member of Cortina?  How do I get to-and-from service?

Students serve at one of a dozen community partner sites in the Omaha area.  We partner with after-school care programs, a community bike shop, a community garden and a rehabilitation center, among others.

All students will go to-and-from service in Creighton University vans with the junior or senior leader assigned to the group.  This student will have received van safety training from the University before operating any vehicle in our fleet.

Who can participate?  Do I need to be Catholic or of a particular faith background to join Cortina?

The short answer: everyone.  And, no you do not need to be Catholic.  The Cortina Community is named after Fr. Jon Cortina, SJ, a Catholic, Jesuit priest, who lived and worked in El Salvador during the Civil War and afterwards.  The community is founded on the principles of Catholic Social teaching and encourages students to grow in their faith, while working for justice in the world.  The program has students of all faith backgrounds who participate.  We welcome all and encourage everyone to share their identity; in doing so, we also share the identity of our founder and teach the values of the Jesuit community.