The Office of Community Standards and Wellbeing believes that students who choose to violate the code of conduct have an obligation to reconcile the fact that they also violated their own integrity and the Creighton community in doing so. Any student who is found responsible for violating the student code of conduct will receive a set of sanctions intended to help them complete that process of reconciliation.

The Office does not prescribe to the thought that sanctioning should be exclusively punitive in nature. While punitive sanctions are sometimes necessary and appropriate, we generally believe that sanctioning should be approached foremost with the educational interests of our students in mind. We endeavor to employ sanctions that are specific to the individual students who find themselves as participants in the conduct process. The intent of sanctioning a student who has been found responsible for a violation is to help that student better understand themselves in relation to others and grow in their decision-making processes, as well as to reduce the likelihood that the student will violate the code of conduct again in the future.

At a minimum, every student who is found responsible for violating the code of conduct can expect be sanctioned with a $25 "Found Responsible Fee" and a change in their discipline status with the university. In 2016-2017, students who evaluated our conduct process after being found responsible for policy violation(s) listed these two things as the passive sanctions that had the greatest positive impact on their decisions making processes in general. Beyond those sanctions, it is the job of the hearing officer to determine, ideally in concert with the student(s) involved, what other might be appropriate for each situation.

We receive a lot of questions about what how sanctions are determined and they mean. For information pertaining to those inquiries, please follow any of the links below (or in the sidebar to the left):

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