Educational Sanctions

Educational Sanctions

As it is the Office of Community Standard and Wellbeing's purpose to advance the mission of Creighton University, a primary aspect of our approach to sanctioning student misconduct focuses on helping students learn and grow holistically as a result of their choices. The sanctions that result from a student's involvement in the conduct process should be relevant, purposeful and educational above all. For this reason, students will often be asked to complete active sanctions that require intentional reflection or action beyond paying a fine or having their discipline statuses elevated. 

It is difficult to provide a full list of the specific educational sanctions a student might incur as these sanctions are often created by the hearing officer specifically for the student in their individual incident. That being said, here are some general types of educational sanctions utilized by the Office of Community Standard and Wellbeing:

Reflective Sanctions

Reflective Sanctions. Students may be asked to complete sanctions meant to promote growth-oriented self-reflection. These sanctions may come in the form of journaling, writing essays on issues related to code of conduct, or working to seek out new perspectives on these issues in order to more astutely develop a meaningful personal ethic.

Community-Focused Sanctions

Community-Focused Sanctions. Students may be asked to complete sanctions that are focused on the development of their community. These sanctions may include a student putting together programs or events for their community, working to inform their community about a particular issue, or galvanizing support from their community to address a certain issue related to the student's violation(s).

Referrals to Campus Resources

Referrals to Campus Resources. Student may be referred to others on campus to continue the process of reflecting on how they can make their time at Creighton more successful. Some of the offices to which student may be referred are Student Health Services (for counseling, support, or assessment), the Creighton Edge office (for career or scholastic guidance), or academic offices related to a student's academic pursuits.