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Welcome to Greek Life at Creighton University! Since 1921, Greek chapters have played an active role on campus, and continue to provide a wealth of personal development opportunities for students. Our Greek community is incredibly dynamic, with five traditional fraternities, seven traditional sororities and seven multicultural Greek organizations. Over 30% of the undergraduate student population is involved in a Greek organization, which as a percentage is among the highest in the country.  Greek life is a popular choice among students for a reason. Leadership, scholarship, friendship, personal and professional development, philanthropic work, volunteerism, health, and community are among the tenets that Greek organizations uphold. Many students see an intrinsic value in these tenets, and want to include them in their everyday lives.

Greek organizations, much like Jesuit institutions, emphasize care of the individual, the ability to look critically and see possibility in the world around you, serving the less fortunate, and developing future citizen leaders.  In these regards, Greek Organizations can serve as a wonderful compliment to student learning at Creighton. Engaging in the recruitment process is an energizing experience for many students, and could be the start of a journey in fraternal community and friendship that will last a lifetime.

Please consider joining or participating in our community.  For sophomores, juniors, and seniors, recruitment takes place in both the fall and spring.  For freshman students, recruitment happens in January, right as the spring semester begins. There are also dozens of events that students can attend, from tug-o-war and flag football tournaments, date parties and socials, letter-writing campaigns and social justice efforts, and direct service in the Omaha community, everyone can find something to engage in.

To learn more, utilize the menus on the left and right.  There is information about our individual organizations, our organizing and peer education groups, our efforts in service and scholarship, and our mission, history, and values.

Please: THINK GREEK. It will be worth your time.  If you have any questions about Fraternity and Sorority Life at Creighton University, please email Margaret Zimmer, Assistant Director for Greek Life in the Student Leadership & Involvement Center.