Annual Registration

Annual Registration Process           

Each year every student organization is required to reregister their organization with the Student Leadership & Involvement Center. At this time you will update the SLIC with the names of the new officers.

  1. Log in to CU Involved.
  2. Go to your organization's site.
  3. If your organization must register, a Register button will display during the appropriate time period in the top right corner of the Home page for your organization. The President will be notified when the registration period begins and he or she should be the one to complete the registration process.
  4. Click "Register."
  5. Follow the steps outlined, updating any information as needed.
  6. You will have the opportunity to review each step prior to submitting the completed registration.
  7. Click the link associated with each step to review and update the information.
  8. Click the "Submit for Approval" when all information has been included.

Please note, the user that completes the registration process will automatically become the primary contact.  

All registration submissions will be reviewed and approved by the Director of the Student Leadership & Involvement Center. You can view the status of our submissions and/or update any submissions still in the "In Progress" status.