Common Activities Viewed as Hazing

It's very important that your organization and your membership are not partaking in any activities that could fall under the definition of hazing (this list is not exhaustive): 

  • Requiring only new members to wear specific types of clothing (suits, hats, etc.)
  • Requiring new members to complete specific tasks
  • Preventing members from talking to others
  • All-night work or study sessions
  • Uncomfortable or inconvenient sleeping arrangements
  • Line-ups of the new members, or grilling individuals or groups of new members with questions of any kind
  • Subjecting new members to roughhouse practices
  • Putting new members in a room that is uncomfortable (noise, temperature, too small) at any time
  • Keeping information from the new members prior to initiation (date of initiation, time commitments required as part of the new member process)