"Greek Life members engage in the pursuit of knowledge, value critical thinking skills, and contribute to the learning process in classrooms and through experiential learning opportunities.  Members practice academic integrity and commit themselves to lifelong learning.  Fraternities and sororities promote members academic success and recognize individual and organizational achievement."
-from the Creighton Greek Community Mission Statement

Scholarship is a primary tenet of fraternity and sorority life at Creighton University.  The value of academic success and achievement is written into the founding documents of many Greek-lettered organizations, and has remained at the forefront the members' success.

A few facts about academic success within the Greek Community:

         The all-fraternity QPA (3.39) is higher than the all-undergraduate men's QPA (3.301) at Creighton.

         The all-sorority QPA (3.46) is higher than the all-undergraduate women's QPA (3.373) at Creighton.

         The all-Greek QPA (3.44) is higher than the all-undergraduate QPA (3.343).

Beyond the numbers, our chapters provide academic incentives programs for their members, personal and group study help, academic plans, and recognition for academic success.  The resources and support systems for students within the Greek community are significant, and a positive aspect of membership.