Service and Philanthropy

"As Men and Women for and with others, Greek Life recognizes the significance of giving of themselves for the betterment of all.  Rooted in the Jesuit tradition, members are called to embrace and educate others of the injustices present in our world today.  Beyond this, it is everyone's responsibility to be agents for change, and this pledge is evident in the philanthropic endeavors, service and learning, and support of all individuals within the community and beyond. " 
-from the Creighton Greek Community Mission Statement

During the 2014-2015 academic year, our community gave over 19,480 hours of time to direct service and raised over $138,918  for non-profit organizations. 

In the Omaha community, fraternities and sororities work to educate young people through tutoring and mentoring programs, perform civic service by cleaning up parks and neighborhoods, aid populations in need through meal preparation and distribution, service to the elderly and homeless, and volunteer efforts at local clinics and hospitals. 

Nationally, our Greek community utilizes fall and spring breaks to go on service trips. Also, they partner with national philanthropic organizations to raise money and awareness for countless issues, including literacy, research on cancer and other diseases, homelessness, youth development and education, and support for those suffering with mental illness.