Greek Standards Board

Greek Event Guidelines

The Greek event guidelines are in place to hold chapters accountable for keeping their members and guests safe. The Greek event guidelines are currently under review!


The Greek Standards Board (GSB) serves the Creighton Greek Community as a judicial body. Their initial charge is to work with fraternities and sororities on matters of risk management, policy infractions, and group discipline issues.

In the spring of 2009, GSB decided that they wanted to be more proactive in addressing dangerous behavior and poor decision making within fraternities and sororities. The Judicial VPs of each governing council along with a team of mixed organization peers create educational opportunities that deal with the major issues of our community including: social event behavior, hazing, conflict management and resolution, safe internet behavior, sexual health and assault, and various other risk management issues.

To learn more about the efforts of the Greek Standards Board, contact:

Rachel Bryant, Vice President of Judicial Affairs, Panhellenic Council

Ben Reckmeyer, Vice President of Judicial Affairs, Inter-Fraternity Council

GSB Secretary:
Bailey Hassman, Vice President of Administration, Panhellenic Council

Margaret Zimmer, Assistant Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life
Kaitlin Logan, Assistant Director, Office of Community Standards and Wellbeing