Emerging Leaders Programs

The Emerging Leaders Programs are a series of programs geared towards sophomores and juniors who are rising leaders in the Creighton community. Currently we have three main programs. The first is our Emerging Leaders Program. There are a few subsets to this program for specific populations, including fraternity and sorority students, students in the Encuentro Dominicano program, and professional students in the School of Pharmacy and Health Professions.

Along with the general Emerging Leaders Programs, we also have two programs that discuss leadership and gender. The Wareham Program focuses on women and leadership, while Esse Quam Videri (to be rather than to seem) focuses on men's leadership development. More information about each of these programs can be found on the tabs to the side.

All programs use the Heroic Leadership model, by Chris Lowney. The model is based on Lowney's leadership lessons from the Jesuits. These programs are held at least once each semester. Please contact each program coordinator if you would like more information about the programs.

The Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) is a program that targets emerging leaders, primarily sophomores and juniors. Other students are able to sign up if they feel they could benefit from the program. ELP is a five-week series based on the leadership model, Heroic Leadership, developed by Chris Lowney. Each week we focus on one of the pillars of leadership that Lowney discusses in his model.

The learning objectives for this program are:

1)      Students will understand the foundation of the Heroic Leadership model and its connection to Ignatian tradition and values.

2)      Students will analyze and learn about their leadership styles

3)      Students will discern their own values, and how those values help them take action

For more information about this program, please contact Joey Kimes in the Student Leadership & Involvement Center. 

The Emerging Greek Leaders Program (EGLP) exists to provide a directed leadership development opportunity for students who are considering taking on a significant leadership role within their chapter or in the larger Greek Community.  By participating in the program, students will consider three major learning objectives:

1.    Students will explore and begin to understand the foundation of four different leadership models.
2.    Students will discern their own values, and how those values help them take action.
3.    Students will develop skills that allow them to effectively lead others.

The program took place over five weeks, and was structured in a seminar format and explored one of four pillars of leadership as defined in Chris Lowney's book, Heroic Leadership.

Ultimately, the program exists to build community among future Greek leaders, to discuss more deeply one's own personal values and strengths, to learn how to utilize those assets in leading others and to deepen students' understanding of a leadership model based on the Society of Jesus, helping them to further understand the parallel between Creighton's mission and Greek community values.

For more information about this program, please contact Margaret Zimmer in the Student Leadership & Involvement Center.