Starting a New Year


  • Complete the Annual Activity Report
  • Turn in an Annual Registration Form (located on your organization's CU Involved homepage)
  • Register for the Skutt Shutdown (fall involvement fair) which takes place in the fall (optional)
  • Get the following information/documents from the outgoing officers:
    • A copy of the Annual Activity Report
    • A summary of the year: What worked well and what did not, Any suggestions you have for improvement
    • Budget report from the year
    • Constitution for your organization
    • Contact names and phone numbers used over the past year
    • Historical information about your organization
    • Listing of the past year's events
    • Roster of past and current members
    • Their dreams for the organization that they were unable to fulfill


  • Think about your booth for Skutt Shutdown
  • Brainstorm for the school year
    • Fundraising
    • Events
    • Leadership Development
    • Service Projects
    • Teambuilding Membership
    • Recruitment Recognition for those who help you


  • Complete Annual Registration Form (if you did not in April)
  • Check your Student Organization Mailbox
  • Obtain Information about funding requests from CSU
  • Register for the CSU Fall Conference (required event)

The First Week of School:

  • Meet with your executives
  • Meet with your moderator to discuss the upcoming year
  • Prepare a group roster
  • Schedule and reserve space for your first meeting
  • Plan recruitment efforts
  • Begin planning and scheduling your entire year
  • Attend the CSU Fall Conference (required)