Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How many credits do I have to earn?
A:  Division of Student Life staff members need to complete six credits during their performance evaluation time period (currently July 1-June 30).  This includes part time and full time staff members.  


Q: How many credits do new hires need to complete?
The Division of Student Life requires its employees to complete six (6) GO! credits between July 1st and June 30th.  These dates coincide with the annual performance evaluation process timeline at Creighton University.  Thus, for new hires, the following rules apply:

  • Anyone who is hired and starts employment between July 1 and September 30 is required to complete 6 GO! units for the performance evaluation cycle.
  • Anyone who is hired and starts employment between October 1 and December 31 is required to complete 4 GO! credits for the performance evaluation cycle.
  • Anyone who is hired and starts employment between January 1 and March 31 is required to complete 3 GO! credits for the performance evaluation cycle.
  • Anyone who is hired and starts employment after April 1 should complete 1 GO! credit, but whether or not this is required of the employee is at the supervisor's discretion.


Q:  I was out on FMLA during the year.  How will that affect my credits?
A:  Please talk with your supervisor for individual guidance regarding accommodations to be made to your credits.  This can be done in consultation with the FWOC chair and liaison, available at DSLGO@creighton.edu.  


Q:  Will I be paid for the time completing my requirements?
A:  Hourly staff members will be granted paid release time.  Exempt staff member's hours are included in their normal responsibilities.


Q:  How do I receive credit for events I attend?
A:  At each on campus event, please sign in on the GO! Sign-Up Sheet.  For off campus events, please share your experience by either a) emailing DSLGO@creighton.edu b) tweet a picture and a brief reaction #DSLGO. or c) post a picture and a brief reaction on the DSL Facebook page.


Q:  How are my credits tracked?
A:  The For and With Others Committee will use your sign in and out sheets to track credits completed.  This information will be shared with directors on a regular basis.


Q:  What happens once I complete my requirements?
A:  FWOC encourages you to attend more events!  While we encourage you to continue your personal and professional development, please note that GO! credits do NOT carry over from one performance evaluation year to another.


Q:  What is the role of managers/directors?
A:  A report will be generated for all directors in the Division on a monthly basis.  Efforts to complete GO! requirements are to be incorporated into the employee's annual Performance Review, which is submitted to Human Resources. Directors will also be held accountable on their Performance Review for staff in their reporting line's GO! participation.


Q:  What counts as a credit?
A:  All programs/opportunities will be worth 1 credit. Programs falling into the following categories will be accredited:

  • Race/Ethnicity
  • Religion
  • Gender and Sexuality
  • Ability/Disability Status
  • Socioeconomic Disparities
  • Various Cultures and Traditions
  • Oppression and Discrimination
  • Program hosted by Multicultural Student Organizations


Q:  I have a program that I would like approved for GO! credit; how do I go about doing this?
A:  Please submit the program information to DSLGO@creighton.edu.  


Q: I am hosting an event.  How do I keep track of attendance?
A: Please download the attendance form and once complete, return to Cheryl Roberts in Creighton Hall, Room 224.


Q:  Where do I go to ask additional questions?
A:  Please email us at DSLGO@creighton.edu.