Health and Safety Abroad

Safety & Security While in Your Host Country

  • Register with the U.S. Embassy or Consulate within two weeks of your arrival so they can alert you to any emergencies and help you if necessary.  This is required by Creighton for study abroad students.
  • Update your Jays Abroad portal with your in-country contact information (address and working telephone number while abroad)
  • Maintain regular contact with the host coordinator/program director at your host institution.
  • Integrate as fully as possible into the university community.
  • Avoid large crowds or demonstrations, and do not photograph them.
  • Maintain regular contact with home, so parents and others are assured of your safety.
  • Keep informed through newspapers, radio, internet, and television broadcasts. Develop a political awareness.

Creighton Global Travel Security Program

Partnered with iJET International

Exclusively developed in partnership with iJET International, the Creighton University Global Engagement Office (GEO) supports Creighton students, faculty, and staff traveling across the world, 24 hours a day, every day through the Creighton Global Travel Security Program. All study abroad students and international rotation students will be assessed a $100.00 Global Travel Security Fee to his/her Creighton University bill.
What are the program benefits and how does it work?

  • Upon booking your international trip, you will receive a trip acknowledgment email from iJET containing a pre-trip briefing and invitation to create a personal account.
  • Creating a personal account provides several benefits, including access to iJET’s Worldcue® Mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Worldcue® Mobile gives you immediate access to critical information potentially affecting your travel and wellbeing, including real-time push notifications of significant events, country risk ratings, and a library of location-specific information and tips for hundreds of cities globally.
  • Additionally, Worldcue® Mobile puts assistance resources at your fingertips: Tap the Hotline button to connect with a Creighton 24/7 Emergency Hotline operator. Tap Safety Check-in to confirm your safety. Tap Crisis Signal to broadcast a silent distress signal.
  • Even if you have not activated a personal account with iJET, you will receive relevant email alerts whenever a significant incident might disrupt your trip.

Travelers will be enrolled in this program by GEO staff and will then receive a welcome e-mail and specific instructions on how to install and utilize the app.

Download the iJET instruction sheet HERE.

ISIC Travel Insurance

As a part of the Creighton Global Travel Security Program, all study abroad students are enrolled in Creighton’s travel insurance for international activity through the International Student Identity Card (ISIC). Minimum international health insurance offered through this card covers medical evacuation, family airfare expense, and repatriation of remains.  This policy does not replace Creighton’s student insurance; it supplements and covers critical needs you might have when away from campus. You should also inquire about your home insurance plan and what is covered while you are traveling internationally.  It is wise to inquire about your host university’s health care plan, as they typically offer an affordable in-country plan that gives you the same access to physician’s offices as a local student.

Review the ISIC travel insurance policy well before departing.  Additionally, check with the international education office at your host institution about how to obtain local health insurance if you are able.  Know how to file claims for reimbursements on health care expenses.  In serious health emergencies, the local U.S. Embassy may be helpful to you.

All travelers should maintain primary health insurance coverage while abroad. The travel insurance offered by the GEO is a supplemental policy. It is the responsibility of all travelers to check with the embassy/consulate of the host country to determine if travel insurance is required in order to obtain a visa to enter the host country. If needed for visa purposes, you can obtain a letter verifying your insurance policy by e-mailing


Creighton Faculty and Staff Travelers

All Creighton faculty and staff traveling abroad under the auspices of Creighton University are required to purchase the supplemental travel insurance administered by the GEO for the duration of their time overseas (refer to Creighton's International Travel Policy).

Creighton faculty and staff travelers, please contact the Global Engagement Office to enroll in this plan, or use THIS LINK.