Start Here!


Step 1: Attend a "Getting Started" session in the Global Engagement Office

Stop by the GEO (Creighton Hall, 3rd Floor) any Friday at 12:30pm for a getting started info session.  Figure out the basics of studying abroad here at Creighton, and begin your research.

Can't make it, or just want to talk to a Peer Ambassador? CLICK HERE for a list of Peer Ambassadors and their contact info!

Step 2: Review the Eligibility Requirements and Deadlines


Step 3: Explore program options

With so many diverse program options, there is one that will fit you perfectly!  Talk with your academic advisor, your parents, and any of the Peer Ambassadors for assistance.  You will also want to apply for a passport at this stage.

Are you a pre-med or nursing student?  Check out a Sample Course Plan for your major to decide where a semester abroad fits best.

Step 4: Meet with a Peer Ambassador

Send them an e-mail, chat over coffee, text them your questions.  Peer Ambassadors have studied abroad before and are here to help you!  Refer above to their office hours which are held in the GEO Conference Room (Creighton Hall, 324).

Step 5: Meet with a Global Programs Coordinator

To set up an individual appointment, call 402-280-2221.  You may also feel free to stop by Open Walk-In Hours, held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9-12Noon.  

Step 6: Apply to Study Abroad!

If possible, you should try apply for Study Abroad Approval 6-12 months BEFORE you plan to study abroad. Complete the online application, and you will hear from the GEO regarding your approval.