printing tips

Creighton University is devoted to leading a greener and more sustainable lifestyle, even down to how we print. This begins with the Canon fleet printers located in offices throughout campus.

From duplex printing on campus, utilizing the secure print option, and encouraging the use of scanning, we show the following sustainability impacts over a 3-year period (2017, 2018, 2019):

Did you know...?

  • By printing double-sided, printing black and white, and scanning instead of printing we can reduce costs, reduce environmental impacts, and increase overall efficiency.
  • Canon printers at Creighton are 25% more energy efficient than conventional technologies and are ENERGY STAR qualified.
  • White LED scanning saves 70% more energy compared to conventional bulbs and the toner-saving mode is 20% more economical than traditional toner usage.
  • Canon printers are made from both recycled and plant-based plastics.

Through smarter choices on our local scale, we can make global impacts.