Front Page Web Style Guide

image of website front pageThe graphics and content that appear on the front page will be managed by the Web Strategy team in University Communications and Marketing and scheduled according to the web editorial calendar.

Content Strategy

  1. Educate prospective students of the value proposition of the University.
  2. Highlight the nine schools/colleges, the Jesuit mission and variety of programs from traditional to professional.
  3. Serve as a window into campus for visitors/parents/friends of the university and community, to demonstrate the nature and value of the many educational, cultural, scholarly, athletic, and faith-based activities at Creighton.


  • Telling Creighton’s unique and vibrant story to a wide variety of audiences
  • Engaging prospective students on the value of a Creighton education
  • Highlighting Creighton’s nine schools and colleges
  • Communicating the Catholic, Jesuit mission
  • Promoting the variety of programs at all levels

One of the priorities for this design is to streamline the user experience for both internal and external audiences, enhancing the navigation for faculty, staff and students while providing an improved mobile web experience across all devices.

Front Page Content

  1. Hero Slider
  2. Schools/Colleges Menu, Major/Program Search
  3. Featured Content Cards
  4. Social Media Content
  5. Full Menu
  6. Fixed Background Images

1. Hero Slider

Tells the Creighton story through imagery and headlines that link to more information. Each week a new story will be featured to promote student recruitment, reputation and visibility. Incorporates slider functionality for up to five stories.
Update image: Weekly
Image size: 2600x1160 pixels at 72 dpi
Character limits: Dependent on line breaking due to word length.
Longer headline, shorter body:

  • TITLE up to 50 characters
  • BODY up to 66 characters
  • LINK up to 34 characters

OR Shorter headline, longer body:

  • TITLE up to 42 characters
  • BODY up to 106 characters
  • LINK up to 34 characters

2. Schools/Colleges Menu, Major/Program Search

Overlaps the hero section to draw the eye down the page. Includes a full list of all nine schools and colleges for easy navigation to these sites. If prospective students are unsure which school/college to visit, they can also search for a major or program instead.
Update: Static

3. Featured Content Cards

Hand-picked content that supports programs, stories and achievements from our Creighton community.
Update: Weekly
Headline: Up to 36 Characters (including spaces).
Copy: 58 characters for image side; 78 Characters for color side (including spaces).
CTA: Up to 34 characters (including spaces).
Image: 274x274 pixels at 72 dpi.

4. Social Media Content

Social media content provides a window into campus life, encouraging prospective students and members of the campus community to engage.
Update: Weekly
Video Gallery: Thumbnail image is 570x320 pixels at 72 dpi.
Headline up to 26 characters (including spaces).
Body up to 40 characters (including spaces).
Social Media Cards: Images 225x225 pixels at 72 dpi.
Text content up to 115 characters (including spaces).

5. Supporting Content

Supporting content highlights points of pride, using infographics to communicate main points of interest and value for prospective students, and to drive users to engaging stories.
Update: Monthly
Headline: Up to 30 characters (including spaces).
Body: Up to 275 characters (including spaces).
CTA: Up to 36 characters (including spaces).

6. Full Menu

image of website front page menu

Faculty, staff and students will notice that their most commonly used links (such as BlueLine, NEST, Office 365/CUmail) are consolidated in one menu. You can access this menu by clicking or tapping “MENU” in the top-right corner of the screen.
Update: Static

  • Full Menu: The menu can be closed any time by clicking the X or clicking off the menu.
  • Main Navigation: The existing menu options remain, now with an updated and clearer font.
  • Icons: Make a Gift, Campus Map and A-Z Index are now easy-to-find icons.
  • Schools & Colleges: The links to the homepages of each of our schools and colleges are more visible.
  • Information For: This section was designed to provide a quick way for multiple audience members to find specific information.​
  • Resources: Frequently used resources like email and BlueLine.

7. Fixed Background Images

Images are chosen and sized by Web Strategy team, then given to DoIT developers to implement.
Image: 2000x1350 pixels at 72 dpi optimized to smallest file size possible (under 300 KB).