Creighton University

Self-Awareness: A Must for Personal and Professional Growth

(Thursday, Oct. 5; 11:30-1; Skutt SC, Room 104)
Facilitators: Naser Alsharif, Pharmacy and Amy Haddad, Center for Health Policies and Ethics

Self-Awareness: A Must for Personal and Professional Growth
Self-knowledge or self-awareness are key prerequisites for understanding and interacting with others. Many programmatic educational outcomes require self-awareness so students can embark on a professional career.  Self-awareness encompasses a variety of components including self-assessment of one’s personal and professional self-images and an appreciation of others’ perceptions and expectations. Self-awareness is an important aspect of shaping students' attitudes so that they develop the habit of reflecting on personal knowledge, skills and abilities, but as important are beliefs, biases, motivations and emotions, which can enhance or limit personal and professional growth.  Self-awareness is equally important for faculty especially at the beginning of their professional careers. This session will explore the concept of self-awareness for our graduates and faculty at Creighton University.

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