HIS/AFS/BKS 489: Southern Africa: The Politics of Race

"Race" has been a factor of public policy and present in social thought in Southern Africa, including the countries of South Africa, Zimbabwe [Rhodesia], Angola, Mozambique and Namibia long before the rise of "official segregation" in South Africa. Social thought, public policy, and private actions driven by a sense of racial differences with its implied notion of abilities and needs linked to (if not determined by) a person's membership in a group regulated not only where a person lived, worked or went to church but even what crops a person could sell, what plays and movies he or she could attend, and what books and newspapers he or she might read. Using the popular and non-scientific idea of race, this course is a thematic exploration into the connections between "race" and wider societal practices and systems in countries of Southern Africa in the 19th & 20th centuries. The format will be a combination of the lecture and seminar systems, to provide for informed discussion. Requirements include two examinations, a research paper, and oral contributions.

This is a Certified Writing Course and an International & Global Studies Course.