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Family and Parents

Bluejay Family

You and your student are embarking on a journey that is sure to bring you discovery, as well as joy, and maybe a little uncertainty. It’s natural to have questions or concerns as your student comes to campus.

We are here to help your student find the places they belong, passions to explore, and a path to success as a Bluejay. Our community includes the parents and families, so we encourage you to be an active part of the Creighton experience.

We’re happy to help answer your questions and provide the guidance you and your student need.

Success Center

How can I help my student succeed?

The Office of Student and Family Support offers resources which support all facets of the student experience. If students, parents, and families need a guide to the right resources—academic, social, spiritual and financial—we can help. 

  • Helping students overcome barriers
  • Assisting with the transition to college
  • Supporting admission to professional programs
  • Providing equal access and opportunities

How can I get involved at Creighton?

All families are invited to partner with the Parent and Family program to: 

  • Attend and host local sendoffs for incoming freshman students and their parents 
  • Be a John P. Fahey Career Center contact for your employer 
  • Support Creighton with a gift to the Parent Fund 
  • Be a Creighton ambassador for admissions and recruitment at your local high schools 
Parent with student on Creighton campus helping child to find information on their phone.
Students and families standing in unity in church with arms around each other.

Creighton Days

This is a great time for our Bluejay families to experience a bit of Creighton with their student. The weekend includes the Jaywalk, soccer game, a BBQ, Mass, brunch, zoo excursion and more.


Find all the details about the Creighton University commencement ceremonies.

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Resources for Families

Creighton makes the safety of students and the campus community a top priority. Be prepared and in the know with these resources:

Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Violence Education

Creighton University takes the education of its new students seriously, especially around issues such as alcohol, illegal drug use, prescription drug abuse, and sexual violence. The University has several resources for new students and families:

Strive to Thrive: Support Your Student

If you’re looking for a way to support your child’s transition to college, please encourage him or her to reach out to the Office of Student and Family Support with an email to The office connects students to services across campus for their academic, emotional, social, spiritual and financial needs.

The Success Desk 

When students and their families commit to Creighton—we commit to you! Need help? Have a question? Students and families can reach out to our Student Success professionals, who are committed to the care of students and their academic success. 

Ask your questions and get help with any concerns at: 


Parent and Family Leadership Council 

Parents are also invited to become a member of the PFLC, a team of parents/guardians who have led the way, offering their philanthropic support for the success of University programs and events. Through funding and action, the council has a direct impact on the lives and learning of all students. 

For more information, contact: 
Judy K. Pritza, Director of Parent and Family Programs 

Creighton Social Media