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Office of Student and Family Support

Helping students find their place at Creighton.  

College is a time to discover your passions, meet new people and begin your path to professional excellence. Sometimes that takes more time than you expected—maybe you’re changing majors, or you have not made many connections as you’d like or found an outlet for your interests.  

The Office of Student and Family Support is here to help you overcome barriers to reaching graduation. We collaborate with departments across campus to offer holistic support through academic, emotional, social, spiritual and financial resources. We help you navigate college, find what you love to do and make a difference along the way.  

With the support of the Creighton community behind you, you can succeed and thrive—in your studies, your life and your career. Bluejays are resilient.

100% of students who don’t ask for help, don’t receive it.

Learning to ask for help or learning that it is ok to ask a question is a part of the adulting process at college. We are here to help students thrive at Creighton.

Strive to Thrive: When You Need to Ask for Help

We asked students...What do you do when you need help?
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They provided my daughter with much-needed assistance—and she eventually found her footing by improving her grades and restoring her confidence. Moreover, she is thriving.
— Tomi Barker


You’re not on the college journey by yourself. Creighton has the resources and the community to help you reach your goals and find your place here. Please reach out to us and we’ll create a success plan with you.

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Parents, you may see your child stumbling to make the transition to college. It’s a big transition and transitions take time. If you’re looking for ways to support your student’s success, encourage him or her to contact us to discover ways to ease the transition. Give Creighton time to work.

Collaborating with faculty and staff across the Creighton community is key to student retention. Along with direct intervention, the trusted voice of faculty and professional staff is our strongest tool to help students navigate their path at Creighton.



Strive to Thrive: When Your Flight Path Changes

We asked students...How has your path changed at Creighton?
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