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Student Clubs

Boredom: Impossible

There are more than 300 student organizations at Creighton—arts, sports, academics, you name it. Did you say quadball? Fun fact: Our quadball teams are ranked No. 2 nationally.

Your challenge won’t be finding something to do—it’s finding enough time to do it all.

Sorority Members

Meet friends. Make family.

For the 1 in 3 Bluejays who decide to engage in the recruitment process, Creighton’s fraternities and sororities provide life-changing social experiences and leadership opportunities. When you join the community, you make friends who act more like brothers and sisters—who share your values and help you grow both personally and professionally for the rest of your life.

Student Speaker

Life lessons start here.

Class is just the start of what you’ll learn. Almost every student who participates in a club says they’ve gained communication skills, learned to handle conflicts, become better leaders and gained other critical soft skills.

One Night Only: Skutt Shutdown

Every fall, we put the brakes on the regularly scheduled programming at Skutt Student Center—in order to introduce you to new interests, new people and new passions. It’s the annual Skutt Shutdown, our interactive involvement fair.