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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Jesuit values have always stood for equity and justice.

 Inspired by the Catholic and Jesuit tradition, our community believes that every human being is a profound gift of God, deserving of both dignity and opportunity. We thus strive to acknowledge and celebrate diversity at Creighton—building equitable, inclusive, welcoming spaces and relationships that are required for every person to thrive.

Creighton’s Division of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (DEDI) seeks to do more than simply acknowledge and celebrate the various ways that each individual is unique. The DEDI staff collaboratively lead the University in developing and deepening our commitment to creating an inclusive space for learning, living and working.

Student Cultural Organizations

Creighton is home to many cultural organizations for students—part of a long-standing tradition on campus to engage with the issues and provide opportunities for all who seek them. Learn more about each of these organizations, explore our Creighton Intercultural Center (CIC) and find out how to get involved below.

Equity: Rooted in our Jesuit, Catholic heritage, equity is a form of “cura personalis” or care for the whole person. Equity recognizes that individuals have unique experiences as a result of their various, intersecting identities. Because of this, equity seeks to ensure that each individual has the necessary resources for success.

Diversity: Diversity is a quantitative measure of the ways in which we are unique. More specifically, diversity is a group-level phenomenon that recognizes that the intersections of our diverse identities, lived experiences and expressions are vital considerations. Further, our commitment to diversity at Creighton includes the visible and invisible difference characteristics.

Inclusion: Inclusion involves building and sustaining an environment that is equitable and psychologically safe; one that encourages discussion and dialogue. We seek to create a university environment where all in our community can thrive and align with a sense of belonging.

Inclusive Excellence: At Creighton, we understand that at each point of decision-making and management considering the benefits and implications of equity, diversity and inclusion are vital. Further, we understand that progress in these efforts make our entire community stronger, more resilient and adaptable for current situations and our collective future.

To this end, all in our community are charged to foster an environment of awareness, inclusion and compassion for all, regardless of age, culture, faith, ethnicity, immigrant status, race, gender, sexual orientation, language, physical appearance, physical ability or social class

Creighton University offers a welcoming, supportive environment to a diverse community of educators, professionals and support staff. Creighton employs more than 3,100 individuals in Omaha, Phoenix and at other sites. With more than 2,500+ employees in Omaha, Creighton is considered one of Omaha’s largest private employers.

At Creighton, our mission is clear: We exist for students and learning. Our community of educators, professionals and support staff work collaboratively with our students to offer a challenging, supportive and engaging educational environment.

Similarly, the University is dedicated to the development of its employees and offers opportunities for growth personally, professionally and spiritually.

We encourage and support people of all backgrounds, experiences and talents to apply to work here. For more information on employment at Creighton, visit

Our Catholic and Jesuit tradition is the foundation for the work that we do in equity, diversity and inclusion. We are called to continue the work necessary to ensure that Creighton remains a place where every member of our community can thrive.
— Sarah Walker, PhD, Vice President for the Division of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

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Sarah Singletary Walker PhD | Vice President for the Division of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Becky Nickerson | Senior Director of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Devin Owens | Director of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion - Alumni and Corporate Engagement

Danielle Okezie | CHAIRS and Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Program Manager