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Creighton Intercultural Center

The Creighton Intercultural Center

The Creighton Intercultural Center (CIC) supports students through advocacy, leadership development, academic support, activities and mentorship. We collaborate with student services, organizations and other departments to deliver training and programs that enrich the student experience.

What is the CIC?


  • We represent and serve all of Creighton. We want to engage the community in our work for inclusion and appreciation of diversity.


  • People from different cultural groups have a mutual interest to interact with one another, learn and grow together. We want to foster those relationships.


  • Our wonderful space brings people together every day, to work, to learn, to share. The center is always a resource and a place for conversation.

Cura Personalis

As a Jesuit university, we take seriously the call to demonstrate cura personalis, or “care for the whole person.” Creighton will not tolerate stigmatization, discrimination or harassment of individuals or groups.

If you feel that you or others have been the target of discrimination or harassment, please report it to the University via Tell Someone.

The original organization established its roots in 1969 to support the Civil Rights Movement. Led by Charles Rucker, the Minority Affairs office set out to advocate for civil rights and promote equality and justice in the community. Creighton leaders continued to help students from all backgrounds prosper in and beyond their education, and in 1994, the Minority Affairs office was renamed the Office of Multicultural Affairs to promote greater inclusion.After almost 50 years of operation, the need for equality, inclusion and understanding is just as important as it ever was. In 2016, the office established itself as the Creighton Intercultural Center, further demonstrating its dedication to an ever-evolving hub that exists purely for the benefit of students and their experience.

Whether you’re just dropping by or hosting an event, our space is designed to help students achieve their goals and find their home at Creighton. Get in touch with our office or any staff member and let us know how we can best assist.

The CIC also serves as an on-campus home to commuter students. When you have time between classes, stop in to use our kitchen, study, take a nap, or socialize.

Our Space Includes:

  • Lieben Center for Women
  • Student study area with computer lab
  • Commuter lounge with fridge, microwave and dishes
  • Social space with big screen TV and comfy furniture
  • Popcorn Wednesdays
  • Conference room
  • Large outdoor patio

Email to reserve CIC space for events and meetings.

Contact Information

Creighton Intercultural Center
Brandeis Hall B03
P: 402.280.2459
F: 402.280.2453