• Picture yourself as a Bluejay

    Students talk about their campus experience and how they knew Creighton University was “the one.”

  • Sustainability: A Presidential Priority

    At Creighton, caring for the Earth is ingrained in our values.

  • No Borders for Science

    Students bring global perspective to research aimed at combating disease.

  • Choose from over 200 courses

    Save time and money by enrolling in 2017 Summer Sessions.

  • 99% Success Rate

    Financial, physical, community, social and purpose - Creighton alumni thrive in all aspects of life.

  • Goldwater Scholar Named

    Kathleen Marinelli, a junior biology major, was selected as an honoree for this national award.

Creighton By The Numbers

The Creighton Experience

Creighton University's students share a unique bond. Together with faculty and staff, they form a passionate community in which they are driven to do more, challenged to make a positive change in the world, and guided by fundamental values of the Jesuit tradition.

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