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Student Experience

The time you have in college – it makes a difference.

Whether you’re on track for a bachelor’s, a master’s, a doctoral or a professional degree, the experience you have at Creighton University matters to us. That’s because your time in and between classes matters so much to your growth and development at both the personal and professional level. We offer you hundreds of ways to take advantage of every day, and set yourself up for a lifetime of success.

Student running on track.

Staying healthy while studying at Creighton.

Our wellness team is here to share resources on keeping your habits healthy and your days productive.

Clubs and Organizations

As a Creighton student, you can find organized fun for almost any interest you might have. Check us on that by following a the link below. Just remember: if you don't see anything that suits you today — you can start it yourself!

A group of students planting a garden.

Upcoming Events