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Research at Creighton

Advancing Ideas for a Better World

The breadth and depth of Creighton’s research is always growing, but a few things remain constant. Here, we’re forever curious, always collaborative and constantly working to contribute to the greater good.

Faculty across disciplines, undergrads and graduate students work together to create new knowledge in the sciences, medicine, economics, the humanities and more. Together, we’re asking important questions and moving big ideas forward.

Stat 25.4M

in total external funding for 2022–2023

Stat 62

of external funding comes from competitive federal awards

Stat 2x

increase in National Institutes of Health (NIH) awards in past 2 years ($12.7M current funding)

Women in Science: The Clare Boothe Luce Program

Born in 1903, Clare Boothe Luce blazed new paths for women and encouraged others to do the same. Her bequest established the Clare Boothe Luce Program, to encourage women to study and teach in science, math and engineering.

Creighton is one of just 13 institutions designated in Clare Boothe Luce's will to be funded, in perpetuity. The program at Creighton funds undergraduate and graduate scholarships for women studying science or math, with specific funding for women in research.