Making Advances Through Research Programs and Scholarship

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As a private research university, Creighton University conducts important and respected studies, and  with nine schools and colleges, the breadth and depth of research activity at Creighton spans the arts and sciences, law, business and more. Our researchers are particularly known for contributing new knowledge in medical research, interdisciplinary health sciences and policy research, biomedical, neuroscience and economics.

Much of the scholarship at Creighton involves collaboration between accomplished faculty and undergraduate, graduate and professional students. Learn more about what research at Creighton looks like below, browse faculty profiles, explore undergraduate research or look into graduate research opportunities.

Creighton Research at a Glance



External dollars may fund research, equipment, training and/or other programs and projects.

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  • Total External Funding = $26.3 million
  • $13.5 million in health sciences research funding
  • $12.8 million in extramural funding for all other schools, colleges and areas within the University
  • 70% of external funding comes from highly competitive federal awards
  • $6.7 million of the total federal awards are National Institutes of Health (NIH) awards