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Emily Klawiter

Emily Klawiter plans to pursue a career in water resource science thanks to Creighton’s many research opportunities for undergraduates. Working alongside faculty who act as mentors, Bluejays are engaging in work that sets them on a path for success.  

Q. Where are you from? 

A. Seymour, Wisconsin. It's near Green Bay.    

Q. Can you explain the kind of research you're doing here? 

A. We're looking to see if the water quality is healthy for insects and invertebrates. We're hoping to see lots of diversity, which would mean that the ecosystem as a whole and all its different components are working well together.   

Q. What has your overall research experience has been? 

A. It has been fundamental to my Creighton experience. It's part of the reason I chose Creighton, and I think it's been phenomenal to prepare me for graduate school and the programs that I'm hoping to apply to in the next year.   

Q. Do you feel that you're being prepared for your next step?

A. Yeah, 100%. I feel prepared because of the research I've done. I'm hoping to study water resource science, which involves water quality and the sort of things that we're already looking at. Being able to already do that kind of work, and hopefully implement that in the future, has been phenomenal.   

Q. Would you recommend that students interested in conducting research come to Creighton? 

A. Yes. There are so many research opportunities, and it's so easy to get involved. It's as simple as emailing a professor and asking if they have space in their lab. Nine times out of ten they're going to try and get you in because they want to work with students, and they want us working in their labs. I emailed Father (John) Shea, and within a month I was involved in the lab.