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Areas of Study at Creighton University

Rooted in Jesuit values, Creighton academics go deeper than most, and do more to broaden your understanding of yourself, others and the world around you. We’re one of the largest Catholic health professions educators in the U.S., and Creighton is known nationally for the quality of our programs in a wide range of disciplines across schools and colleges.

College of Arts and Sciences

The true measure of a liberal arts education is the set of skills you acquire. Critical thinking, problem-solving, clear communication—these strengths remain valuable wherever you go, as they are actively pursued by employers in a wide range of industries. With 60+ degrees and pre-professional programs, and renowned faculty supporting you, the College of Arts and Sciences turns your passion into a profession.

Professor pointing to student drawing
Students having a discussion in a conference room

Graduate School

Advance in your academic and career ambitions with one of 45+ nationally ranked and flexible graduate programs, many of which are available online as well as in-person. As a student, you will work closely with highly respected faculty members, making progress in programs designed to enhance your skills and create new, exciting professional opportunities.

Heider College of Business

A fully integrated business education with 30+ highly ranked programs that connect you to the professional world. Our proprietary Heider Mindset curriculum prepares you to enter the workforce in any economy. At Heider, you acquire the knowledge and strategic framework to understand business clearly—and you’ll be taught by faculty with the real-world experience to know what works and why. Explore intentional opportunities along the way to gain experience in different career paths. Within 6 months of graduation, 99% of our students are employed, pursuing an advanced degree or involved in a service program.

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Three dentistry students analyzing image

School of Dentistry

With attentive faculty and high-quality programs, Creighton University prepares you to confidently enter the field of dentistry at all levels. Our educational philosophy is rooted in the Jesuit value of cura personalis, or “care of the whole person,” as well as an emphasis on clinical experience. In our dental clinic, for example, students gain real-world experience while also providing high-quality and affordable care to residents in our community. And you’ll learn on the latest technology in our dental building, which opened in 2018.

School of Law

With high-quality academic programs and strong humanist principles, Creighton University produces legal professionals who build a more just world. Our expert faculty teach you to become a judicious, well-rounded legal mind. As you learn from these scholar-mentors, you also can take advantage of externships, summer excursions, dual-degree options and concentrations. For busy adult learners, our accelerated program is geared so you can quickly and successfully achieve your professional goals.

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Doctor speaking with patient in examination room

School of Medicine

As one of the largest Catholic health professions educators in the U.S., Creighton University trains doctors who care about doing good in the world. That mindset begins with cura personalis, meaning “care for the whole person”—a core Jesuit value that inspires nearly everything about our approach to developing doctors who want to help others and contribute to society.

College of Nursing

With highly ranked programs and a well-known commitment to service, the College of Nursing at Creighton stands at the vanguard of this ever-changing healthcare field. We offer programs at the bachelor’s (BSN), master’s (MSN) and doctoral (DNP) levels. We also offer an accelerated BSN program that can be finished in just 12 months, as well as a variety of post-graduate APRN certificates to meet you wherever you are today. Most important, we provide the diverse skills and career guidance that every nursing student needs to become a life-changing professional.

Nursing student practices injecting a maniken
physical therapy student practicing with equipment

School of Pharmacy and Health Professions

Whether you’re interested in preventing and managing diseases or improving patient wellness through physical or occupational therapy, we offer multiple industry-leading paths to choose from at the School of Pharmacy and Health Professions. Clinical experience is infused throughout the curriculum, as well, preparing graduates who can practice at the highest levels of pharmacy, occupational therapy and physical therapy.

College of Professional and Continuing Education

Creighton meets the fire you bring into the world—your passion and ambition—with the fuel you need to make your next professional step your best professional step. Regardless of the path you choose, our dedicated faculty is committed to helping you achieve the unique goals you set for yourself, both today as a Creighton student and tomorrow as a Creighton professional.

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