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Magis Core Curriculum

The Magis Core Curriculum gives you more.

More choice.

When you enroll in the core curriculum courses, you’ll have lots of options. You’ll only be required to take a one-hour oral communication course. All the rest are up to you. You can choose the courses that fit your personal interests and professional goals while satisfying the requirements of the Magis Core.

More access to faculty.

At many colleges and universities, courses are taught by teaching assistants or a grad student. At Creighton, you’ll be taught by expert faculty members.

More flexibility.

Flexible scheduling means you’ll be able to get into the classes you want. Through the Magis Core Curriculum, you’ll be able to earn your BA or BS in any major and fulfill the prerequisites for any graduate school in just four years.

Giving You What Employers Want

At the center of the Magis Core Curriculum, you’ll find the courses that will enable you to develop the skills that will serve you well as you advance in your career. Employers in every field are looking for well-rounded individuals with:

  • Communication skills that allow you to effectively share your ideas.
  • Problem-solving skills that help you think on your feet.
  • Critical-thinking skills that enable you to see problems from every perspective.
  • Ethical decision-making skills that make you a better leader while gaining an understanding of the diversity of the U.S. and the world.

But at Creighton, our core curriculum gives you even more. It’s where you’ll tackle the fundamental questions of life. How do we make the world a more just place? What makes a person valuable? How can I achieve a life well lived? In addition, you’ll focus on some of the biggest issues facing society.

Magis Foundations, Explorations, Integrations and Designated Courses

“Creighton brings hard-working, like-minded individuals to the same place to better one another. You don’t come to Creighton just for a degree to hang on your wall in your office; you come for lasting memories and friendships.”

Will Finstad, BS’19