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Madhu Mohanraj

I’m a public health researcher, a dancer, a service volunteer and a diversity and inclusion coordinator. And I can do it all because I’m a Bluejay. Creighton’s community is invested in its students and the greater good.

Biology, College of Arts and Sciences

Creighton has a close-knit community and supportive faculty, and they’ve helped me explore my interests. I knew I wanted to be a biology major when I started as a freshman, and in my time here, I’ve developed an interest in public health. That’s a broad field, and I’m exploring it further through my involvement in research.

My professor invited a representative from a local public health program to one of my classes, and after the presentation, helped me get connected with the group and get involved with their research project. We’re exploring pediatric asthma in the Omaha community. Right now, we’re working on a community readiness assessment to evaluate whether the community is prepared for an intervention program.

Being involved in research helps me explore the different areas of public health, and my professor made that possible.  In my home state of California, there are a lot of larger schools and students can feel like a number. Here, it’s easy to connect, and the professors are always willing to help.

I’m part of a dance club on campus, too, and I recently started a position as a diversity and inclusion coordinator through the Creighton Students Union. That’s something that’s important to me. I want to help current and future students feel more included here on campus. I’m also involved with the Cortina Community, which is a service living/learning community for sophomores. As a junior, I manage the service sites.

It can be hard being away from home for the first time, so having a community that comes together, academically and socially, is really important.

Creighton offers a great environment, where you feel like you’re supported.
— Madhu Mohanraj