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A community that is for and with others.

In accordance with the Jesuit values that guide our institution, we encourage students to share their gifts, nurture their commitments to justice, and develop themselves academically, mentally, and spirituality.

The Creighton community is based on a Catholic, Jesuit tradition and is committed to supporting the intrinsic value of each human being. This tradition involves striving to create a human community influenced by the principles of justice and love, complete with respect and concern for all persons as children of God. The Creighton University community is dedicated to the promotion of values consistent with personal and academic excellence.

Creighton fosters an environment of learning from experience and moving beyond negative choices. We support students as they work through the potentially uncomfortable process of making choices that better reflect the personal and communal values articulated by the Jesuit values central to the mission of Creighton University.

Creighton, a Jesuit University, is convinced that the hope of humanity is the ability of men and women to seek truths and values essential to human life. It aims to lead all its members in discovering and embracing the challenging responsibilities of their intelligence, freedom, and value as persons. We therefore profess, and pledge our commitment to, the following creed:

  • We believe in God, our loving Creator.
  • We believe each person, created in God’s image, is called to be God’s child, and therefore possesses intrinsic value as a human being. This includes all persons and excludes any form of discrimination.
  • We believe that the deepest purpose of each person is to enrich and share life through love and reverence in the human community. This motivates our open and continuous pursuit of truth. For this reason we foster reverence for life in all of its human potential.
  • We believe in supporting all persons in their responsible contributions to the community through family, social interactions, and all life endeavors.
  • We believe that we must strive for a human community of justice, mutual respect, and concern. In this context we must cultivate care for our planet and its resources.
  • We believe that laws exist for the benefit and well-being of individual persons, that legal systems must express the common good, and that all government must be subject to the courageous, through respectful, criticism of intelligent and responsible citizens.
  • ​We believe that the laws of justice and love must regulate the personal, family, economic, and international life of all persons if civilization is to progress.
  • We believe in the teachings and example of Jesus Christ.
Being a Bluejay means taking advantage of all of the opportunities that are given to you, challenging yourself, and making choices in order to live the best version of yourself.
— Creighton Bluejay

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