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Truman Pippert


I was an entrepreneur, a leader and an economics major researching labor markets. And I could do it all because I’m a Bluejay. Creighton helped me pursue my passion.

Economics, Heider College of Business

I chose Creighton because I heard about the “Bluejay family.” When I came to campus, it didn’t take me long to understand what people were talking about. It was amazing.

Creighton was just the right size—big enough for opportunities but small enough to make lots of connections and not feel overwhelmed, and it allowed me to pursue everything I wanted. I was in the entrepreneurship club. I played intramural sports with friends. I served as a leader in Alpha Kappa Psi, the business fraternity. And I was a part of two research programs.

Truman Pippert

As part of the Business Research Fellowship, I researched the economics of dental practices. In the dental field, each worker is a close substitute for another since they are all highly trained. It also leads to a minimal pay gap.

It was a fascinating project. I learned a lot not only about my research subject, but also about working with other students, presenting information, working with data and collaborating with faculty. Because of that opportunity, I was able to lead a cohort of students for the research program.

My time at Creighton also led to a job. My research on the intersection between health and business helped me get hired by a healthcare records company, where I work currently.

I couldn’t be happier with Creighton. It’s a supportive environment whether you are meeting friends, working with faculty or speaking to staff.

I appreciate the close-knit feel of Creighton. My professors were, without exception, excellent. Classes were small, so building relationships with my teachers and fellow students was easy. I had my advisor in class three separate times! He was able to follow me through my Creighton experience and help me grow.

It’s a great family.

I could not imagine a more compassionate family, and everybody truly cares about each other.
— Truman Pippert