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Education and Engagement

Programs and initiatives supporting diversity and inclusion.

Creighton intentionally embraces diversity and inclusion. We recognize that diversity is so much more than statistics or surface-level characteristics.

Our diversity and inclusion programs celebrate what makes our campus unique, provide ways for students to develop holistically, and combat disrespect and misunderstanding.

The Creighton Allies Program (CAP) is a training that offers an opportunity to receive up-to-date and mission based information about LGBTQ terminology, theory, and ally strategies to support the LGBTQ community on and off campus.

To learn more, contact Curtis Taylor.

Created by the Division of Student Life in 2018, the Intercultural Student Engagement Council builds an infrastructure for students to promote an inclusive environment at Creighton University while utilizing common language, creating opportunity for dialogue, and providing educational outreach to the campus. The council links the multiculturalism of our ever-changing world to Creighton’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. It brings together students from all areas of campus to be leaders in reinforcing the values, attitudes and behaviors that create an inclusive and accepting community. The council will facilitate trainings across campus on eliminating biases as well as coordinate programs that create dialogue about how we live out our values. 

To learn more, contact Becky Nickerson.

The Fr. John P. Markoe, S.J. Leadership Program is a four-year program that offers Markoe and Haddix Scholarship recipients the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills at Creighton. Students pull from the rich network of involved faculty and fellow classmates to explore what Creighton has to offer. They’ll participate in activities on and off campus related to intercultural leadership and traditional Jesuit values. Through expert coaching sessions, an assigned CIC staff member mentors each student, assisting with academic, personal and financial concerns throughout their education.

To learn more, contact Cedora Barnett.

The Multicultural Enrichment Institute (MEI) is hosted by the Creighton Intercultural Center. The Institute is an annual workshop dedicated to first-year students of color at Creighton University. New students receive advice about getting involved on campus, navigating resources at Creighton and building meaningful relationships with classmates and faculty.

To learn more, contact Curtis Taylor.

The Multicultural Executive Leadership Training (MELT) was developed to engage our student leaders housed within the Creighton Intercultural Center to start the year off with a comprehensive training of University procedures and tools necessary for successful programming and registration, universal calendar of multicultural events, cross-cultural team building, and overall enhanced visibility.

To learn more, contact Curtis Taylor.

RAISE provides Native American/Indigenous students with provide individualized academic, personal and cultural support from enrollment through degree completion. The program is available to ALL Native American/Indigenous students, regardless of tribal affiliation, enrollment status or blood quantum. Program benefits include, but are not limited to 

  • Academic Success Coaching 
  • Cultural Support 
  • Social Support and Community Building Opportunities
  • Financial Aid and Scholarship Assistance 
  • Emergency Book Fund (limited availability)

To learn more, contact Cedora Barnett.

SAVE (Students. Activities. Values. Education.) is a community organization whose mission is to “Connect under-served youth with opportunities and resources to be successful students and active individuals.” Participants are in 4-8th grade from local Omaha schools. Since 2010, SAVE has partnered with the Creighton Intercultural Center to bring the young participants to Creighton’s campus and connect each participant with a Creighton student who serves as a tutor, committed to being there every other week to monitor that child’s needs.

To learn more, contact Len Gordy.

Stone Catchers is active bystander training for bias incidents offered by the Creighton Intercultural Center. The program introduces the concept of what it means to be a “Stone Catcher” and how this mission centric practice can be used to actively engage in identifying barriers to diversity and inclusion and gain skills to effectively address bias incidents impacting our community.

To learn more, contact Becky Nickerson.

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