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Stonecatchers Training

Catching words and actions that harm others.

Stonecatchers is an active bystander intervention training developed to equip students, faculty, and staff with the skills to intervene appropriately in hate and bias incidents. The training is based on the Jesuit value of being men and women for and with others and incorporates the John 8:7 biblical reference: “He who is without sin shall cast the first stone.”

Stonecatchers 1.0

Stonecatchers 1.0 equips participants to be active bystanders through a number of strategies. These strategies and skills are reviewed in detail, examples are discussed, and participants are divided into small groups to apply the strategies to a specific situation – often a recent real-life, on-campus scenario.

Stonecatchers 1.0

Stonecatchers 2.0

Stonecatchers 2.0 builds on intervention principles to examine strategies for respectful dialogue through an Ignatian lens, including exploring one’s own biases and assumptions and practicing skills to catalyze intercultural engagement.

Stonecatchers 2.0

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