HIS 347: The Arab-Israeli Conflict: Struggle for the Holy Land

Instructor: Dr. Calvert

"A struggle between two memories" is how Palestinian poet Mahmud Darwish describes the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis. More than simply a dispute over territory, the Arab-Israeli conflict encapsulates two opposing visions of historical destiny and national community. This course will examine Palestine and the Arab-Israeli conflict from the emergence of political Zionism in late 19th century Europe to the current efforts to reach a negotiated settlement. Topics will include the origins and consequences of the British mandate for Palestine; the development of Israeli political and social institutions; the rise of Palestinian national consciousness; the impact of outside powers on the conflict; and the prospects for a lasting resolution. In order to give voice to the participants in this conflict, attention will be devoted to writings drawn from a broad spectrum of ideological and political opinion.

This is an International & Global Studies Course.