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Separation of Service/Continuation of Coverage

It is important to maintain the financial protection your health care coverage provides for you and your family.  If you leave Creighton University or a covered dependent is no longer eligible, you have the option to continue medical coverage and dental and/or vision coverage through the continuation provisions of the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA).  The Plan contracts with PayFlex ™ USA, Inc., to administer COBRA continuation. Uninterrupted medical coverage prevents you from being subject to pre-existing condition limitations in a medical plan you may have access to in the future.

What You Need to Know About COBRA

  • If coverage ends for you or your eligible dependent(s), you may be able to continue medical and dental coverage under COBRA.
  • You or your eligible dependent(s) will be notified by our Plan administrator, PayFlex ™ USA, Inc., about the COBRA qualifying event to request COBRA continuation or eligibility will be lost.  The qualifying events include:
    • Your employment ends at Creighton University
    • Your employment status changes and you are no longer benefit eligible
    • Divorce
    • Annulment
    • Your dependent children no longer meet eligibility requirements
    • Death (dependents are eligible for COBRA continuation)
  • Upon one of the qualifying events, you will receive a Notice of Enrollment letter from the Plan administrator that informs you of your rights to continue coverage.  You must notify the Plan administrator within 60 days from the date on the Notice of Enrollment letter if you want to continue coverage under COBRA.

Continuing Medical and Dental Coverage after a Qualifying Event

If you or your eligible dependent’s coverage under the Plan ends, you may be able to continue your medical and dental coverage under the continuation provisions of the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA). 

You must have had medical and dental coverage on the day prior to the qualifying event date to be eligible for COBRA continuation coverage.  You continue the same plan and option you had on the day prior to your qualifying event date. 

If you or your eligible dependent(s) have other insurance coverage including Medicare prior to enrolling in COBRA, you and your eligible dependents remain eligible to enroll in COBRA.  If you or your eligible dependents becomes eligible for Medicare or any other insurance after enrolling in COBRA , you may no longer continue COBRA coverage.

Paying for COBRA Coverage

You and your eligible dependent(s) will be responsible for both the employee portion of the premium and the amount that was previously paid for by the University, plus a 2% administrative fee.  The Notice of Enrollment letter sent to you and your qualifying dependent(s) will include the actual cost for COBRA coverage. 

How long COBRA Coverage Continues

The duration of your COBRA coverage depends on the reason for the COBRA qualifying event.

Duration of COBRA Coverage




  • Employment Ends
  • No longer eligible based on your employment and benefit eligibility

18 months

18 months

  • Employees Death
  • Marital status Changes
  • Dependent no longer meets eligibility requirements

Not applicable

36 months

  • Disability Extension is obtained

29 months

29 months

  • Second Qualifying Event – You must notify PayFlex within 60 days if the second qualifying event

Not applicable

36 months

If you or your eligible dependent(s) elect COBRA coverage due to your termination of employment, or you become no longer eligible as your employment status changes, you may be entitled to up to 29 months of COBRA coverage.  The 29-month COBRA coverage period begins on the 1st of the month following your termination or your benefit eligible status changes.  The disability extension only applies if all of the following conditions are met:

The Social Security Administration determined that you and or your dependent is disabled; and you notify PayFlex that you have received notice from the Social Security Administration that they have deemed you or your dependent disabled within 60 days of the determination or the qualifying event and submit a copy to the Plan administrator.

If you have questions regarding Health or Dental Continuation of Coverage (COBRA), please contact ADP toll free at: 800-526-2720.