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Employee Development Certificates for Online Learning

As part of the Compass Professional Development program, employees now have the opportunity to earn a certificate for completing one of three, newly designed course clusters. Upon successful completion of designated online training courses, a short essay, and a feedback survey, Human Resources will present the employee with a signed certificate of achievement.

Topics include:

1.       Fundamentals for All Employees

Basic skills include the ability to understand instructions, make decisions, communicate effectively, solve problems, resolve conflicts, and more. The five classes below touch on how to develop these skills and put them into practice. A proper knowledge of the basics will help increase productivity and quality and may help you to succeed in other areas of your job.

  1. Email Best Practices
  2. Business Writing for Employees
  3. Business Ethics—What Employees Need to Know
  4. Time Management Skills for Employees
  5. Teambuilding for All Employees

2.       Customer Service Excellence

In a non-profit setting, customer service isn’t so much about driving sales as it is building trusting and loyal relationships with I’s employees.  The only way companies can effectively accomplish this is through their employees. By educating and training employees on customer service, we can create a corporate culture that not only appreciates but expects excellence in this area. Complete the four courses below to brush up on your customer service skills and learn how to incorporate them into your daily routine.

  1. Customer Service Skills- How We All Can Improve
  2. Phone Skills
  3. Maintaining a Positive Attitude
  4. The Power of Listening

3.       Overcoming Obstacles in the Workplace

Almost all employees encounter some obstacles in the workplace at one point or another. How we deal with this helps determine whether or not we are successful in our careers. If you know how to work through the problems you can not only solve them, but prevent them from happening in the future. Take some time to complete the four courses below to help you overcome adversity in the workplace and gain the skills and strength to rise above them.

  1. Conflict Resolution for all Employees
  2. Problem Solving Skills for Employees
  3. Stress Management

**To start your certificate program today, email Your manager will be notified and all course links and program materials will be emailed to you.