All Things Ignatian

Poster Presentation

This page will offer the two downloads, horizontal and vertical, for this year's ATI posters.

2019 Horizontal Template

2019 Vertical Template

Guidelines for All Things Ignatian Posters 2019



2019 All Things Ignatian Committee

  • Greg Carlson, S.J., co-chair
  • Susan Naatz, co-chair
  • Sheri Bacon
  • Katie Kelsey
  • Erika Kirby
  • Michael Monaghan
  • Jeff Peak
  • Tom Purcell
  • Mary Ann Tietjen

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All Things Ignatian 2019: "Celebrating Mission at Creighton University"

Welcome to All Things Ignatian 2019

Why do we want to do it?
In 2011, 2012 and 2014, All Things Ignatian turned into one of the great events of Creighton's year. On those three occasions, many faculty, staff, administrators and students presented posters that drew hundreds of colleagues each year to a delightful experience of learning, celebrating, congratulating, and being stimulated to think about other creative efforts to implement Creighton's Jesuit Catholic mission. Our focus is again to celebrate Creighton's creativity in living its Ignatian mission during Mission Week September 9 13, 2019.