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Exercise Science & Pre-Health Professions Major

The Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science & Pre-Health Professions provides students with a strong scientific understanding of the acute and chronic effects of exercise on the human body.

The coursework emphasizes current research, as well as its practical application, and prepares students for careers in several health and fitness related fields including corporate/community/commercial fitness, personal training, and strength and conditioning. In addition, depending upon each student's area of interest, the major also provides opportunities for practical fieldwork experience and research.

The major is also an attractive option for pre-professional students who intend to study physical or occupational therapy, medicine, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, dentistry, pharmacy, or enroll in a physician assistant program following undergraduate school.

Admission Requirements

Students who wish to become an Exercise Science & Pre-Health Professions Major must have an overall Grade Point Average of 2.75 in 30 or more hours of coursework at Creighton University and have grades of "C" or better in General Chemistry (CHM 203 or 205) and General Biology (BIO 201 or 202)