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What the Honors Program Really Means

It is a common misconception that the Honors program solely entails more difficult classes and a heavier workload. In reality, the Honors program focuses on fostering a community of scholars who are challenged to think differently. By engaging in critical thinking and participating in dialogue in the classroom as well as attending Honors-related events, students build relationships a sense of home at Creighton. One goal of the Honors program is to foster a community "committed to the ongoing education of students and faculty members as fellow seekers for truth."   


Life On The 9th Floor of Swanson

The Honors Scholars Community is a staple of the program that gives freshmen a sense of community from their first day at Creighton. All honors freshmen live on the 9th floor of Swanson where they form relationships with their fellow peers. As students transition from high school to college, it is the hope of the program that the 9th floor of Swanson transforms into students’ new home -- one where they are not only surrounded by peers who hold the same values about learning, but also where students feel a sense of belonging. 


Honors Connect, the Creighton Honors Mentoring Program, brings underclassmen and upperclassmen mentors together with mentees to provide information about educational and career opportunities, as well as to develop deep community and create a feeling of belonging. Mentees will develop perspectives on their education and careers, find a sense of support, and develop confidence as part of their individualized Honors experience. Mentors will share their experience of educational paths, offer guidance on campus opportunities, and provide encouragement and inspiration.