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Honors Program Research

The Honors program provides unique research opportunities and experiences for students to further their interests or find new ones. See samples of the outstanding research Creighton Honors students have done! 

Elyssa Pereyra

View what a day in the Auditory Neuroscience research lab looks like for neuroscience major Elyssa Pereyra. Elyssa’s research focuses on the neuroimmunology of the inner ear.  

Ellie Simmons

In this video, Sociology and Justice and Society major Ellie Simmons discusses her sociology research about American Catholic women navigating the power structures of the Church.

JJ Mark

View political science major JJ Mark’s presentation on refugee literature. 

Sarah Tooley

View communications major Sarah Tooley’s ethnographic research and oral history of the Oklahoma City Bombings. 

Keely Orndorff

View neuroscience major Keely Orndorff’s award-winning research on The Novel Interaction between Gene Slicing Proteins. 

Research Funding

Undergraduate Research Scholarships 

Travel Grants 

  • Funds are made available by application to cover undergraduate Honors student travel expenses to regional or national conferences for the presentation of their research. 

  • Students can apply for grants on the Honors Blueline site.