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Political Science

Department of Political Science and International Relations

Why Study Political Science or International Relations?

Political science is fundamental to understanding your rights and responsibilities as a citizen and to understanding international politics and law.

Learn more about these areas of study and which might be right for you.

A degree in Political Science or International Relations prepares you for careers in law, business, public administration, public affairs, international affairs, journalism, the non-profit sector, teaching, and academic research and teaching.

Our Mission

  • We train students to think critically, evaluate evidence, and develop analytic skill using the lenses of political science and international relations.
  • We train students to engage the world as citizens and social scientists.
  • We mentor students to discover and engage in a calling that contributes to the public good.
  • We train students to maximize their potential.
  • As scholars we seek new knowledge that allows us to understand the world around us and inspires our students to conduct their own inquiries.

Marks of Distinction

  • Our students find purpose in seeking out truth.
  • Our students develop superior writing, critical thinking, and data analytic skills.
  • Our students contribute to their communities through success in their respective professions.

Contact Information

Political Science and International Relations

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