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Marilee Aufdenkamp, RN, MSN

Assistant Professor


Faculty - Nursing
College of Nursing

Marilee Aufdenkamp, RN, MSN

Assistant Professor

Teaching Interests

  • Medical surgical Nursing

Research Focus



Assistant Professor


  • Journal of Nursing Education
    Williams, J., Aufdenkamp, M., Selig, C.; Russell, C., Hirsh, K. Nursing students’ perceptions: staff nurse instructors’ characteristics in a dedicated education unit 2020
  • Nursing Education Perspectives
    Hadenfeldt, C. J., Naylor, H. M.; Aufdenkamp. M. Escape the Pharmacy: 2020
  • Journal of Healthcare for the Poor and Underserved
    Hadenfeldt, C., Darabaris, M., Aufdenkamp, M Frailty assessment in patients utilizing a free clinic.
    28(4), p. 1423-1435 2017
  • Journal of nursing scholarship
    Whittaker, A. A., Aufdenkamp, M., Tinley, S. Barriers and facilitators to electronic documentation in a rural hospital
    41(3), p. 293-300 2009
  • Nursing Education Perspectives
    Hadenfeldt, C., Naylor, H., & Aufdenkamp, M Escape the pharmacy -0001


  • Naylor, H., Hadenfeldt, C., Aufdenkamp, M. Utilizing a Flipped Classroom and Creative Learning Strategies for Pharmacology Instruction with Accelerated Nursing Students. Proposal submitted 1/2019 for presentation of a Skill Building Session. 2019 Nursing Educator in the Rockies Conference. 2019
  • Banzhaf, S., Davis, B., Woster, J., Tucci, C., McCafferty, K., Parks, J., Kirkpatrick, M., Minnich, M., Sloane, C., Aufdenkamp, M., Beierman, T. (accepted for panel presentation, 2017) Following a crosswalk: intentional integration of spirituality in an accelerated nursing curriculum. Through the Eye of the Needle: Commitment to Justice in Jesuit Higher Education conference. University of Seattle, August 10-13, 2017 2017
  • Schlup Woods, S., Woster, J., Selig, C., Aufdenkamp M., Harms, A., Goodman, J., & Hercinger, M. (2016) Identifying spiritual needs for baccalaureate nursing students in a multi-campus Jesuit university. Poster presentation. Iota Tau 27th Annual Research Day, Omaha, Nebraska 2016
  • Woster, J., McCafferty, K.L., Aufdenkamp, M., Goodman, J.T. & Bunton, A.J. (2016) Evaluation of clinical performance in pre-licensure nursing students can standardization occur? Poster presentation. Iota Tau 27th Annual Research Day, Omaha, Nebraska. 2016
  • Hadenfeldt, C., Aufdenkamp. M., & Darabaris, M. (2016) Use of a multi-dimensional frailty assessment instrument on patients utilizing a free clinic. Poster presentation. Midwest Nursing Research Society 40th Annual Research Conference, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2016
  • Hadenfeldt, C., Aufdenkamp, M., Parks, J., & Lueth, C. (2013) Impact of a Heart Failure Health Enhancement Program. Nebraska Nurses Association Annual Convention, Kearney Nebraska 2013
  • Hadenfeldt, C., Aufdenkamp, M., Parks, J., & Lueth, C. (2013) Impact of a Heart Failure Health Enhancement Program. Sigma, Theta Tau Research Day, Creighton University, Omaha Nebraska 2013
  • Aufdenkamp, M & Carpenter, D. (2012, March) Diabetes Update, 2012. Continuing Education Offering. South Heartland District Health Department. Hastings, Nebraska 2012
  • Aufdenkamp, M. & Whittaker, A. Impact of An Electronic Health Record on Nursing Care Activities in a Rural Midwestern Hospital. Sigma, Theta Tau Research Day, Creighton University Medical Center, Omaha Nebraska 2009
  • Aufdenkamp, M. & Whittaker, A. Nurses Perception of Barriers and Facilitators to Implementation of an Electronic Health Record System in a Rural Hospital. Poster Presentation Methodist Research Day. Methodist Hospital. Omaha, Nebraska 2009
  • Aufdenkamp, M. & Hoeft, T. (1997, October) Total Hip Clinical Pathway Development. Poster presentation. NNA State Convention. Lincoln, Nebraska 1997
  • Aufdenkamp, M. & Hoeft, T. (1997, September) Promoting Coordination of Patient Care Through the Use of Clinical Pathways in a Rural Referral Hospital. Poster presentation. Interdisciplinary Practice Workshop. St. Lukes Hospital. Kansas City, Missouri. 1997
  • Aufdenkamp, M. & Kampsneider, C. (1996) Collaborative Care Through Critical Pathway Development: The Small Rural Hospital Experience. NNA State Convention. Hastings, Nebraska. 1996


  • Following a Crosswalk: The Intentional Integration of Spirituality in an Accelerated Nursing Curriculum. Purpose is to provide opportunities for students to explore the relationship between the Ignatian Values, Spiritual Care, and Reflective Practice

  • Williams, J., Aufdenkamp, M., Selig, C., Russell, C., Hirsch, K. Nursing Student Perceptions of Excellent Characteristics of Staff Nurse Instructors in a Dedicated Education Unit Model.

  • McCafferty, K., Flott, B., Aufdenkamp, M., Jessen, J., Beiermann, T., Palmer, L. Bringing Foundational Coursework to Life Using SMART Boards, High Fidelity Manikins, and an Unfolding Case Scenario. Creighton University TLC Grant Application submitted 1/7/2019. Revise and resubmit letter received 2/13/2019 (in process).


  • Mary Lanning Memorial Hospital Evidence-Based Practice Council
    Mary Lanning Memorial Hospital Evidence Based Practice Council