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Dawn M . Irlbeck, MA, PhD

Associate Professor


College of Arts and Sciences
Cultural & Social Studies
Criminal Justice
CRHL - Creighton Hall/Administration Building - 425C

Dawn M . Irlbeck, MA, PhD

Associate Professor

Curriculum Vitae

Teaching Interests

  • Criminal Justice

Research Focus

Racial/Ethnic Minorities and Crime and Criminal Justice Policing; Minority Police Officers; Researcher/Practitioner Crime Reduction Partnerships; Racial Profiling Evaluation Research & Criminal Justice Policy; Victims of Crime


Cultural and Social Studies


Associate Professor


  • Critical Issues in Crime and Justice: Thought, Policy, and Practice.
    Irlbeck, Dawn M., Crank, J. Police Theory, p. 197-216 2010
  • Irlbeck, Dawn M. (book manuscript accepted and finalized, with publisher’s copy editor). Racial Profiling and vehicle searches.


  • CRC Press- Taylor and Francis Group
    Crank, John, Rebecca K. Murray, Dawn M. Irlbeck, and Mark Sundermeier. (2012). Missionbased policing (Advances in Police Theory and Practice Series). CRC Press: Boca Raton. Nominated for the 2012 Outstanding Book of the Year Award, National Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. 2012
  • Police Practice & Research: An International Journal
    Crank, John, Irlbeck, Dawn, Murray, Rebecca, Sundermeier, Mark Mission-based policing: Rethinking the relationship of police to crime
    13, p. 103-120 2012
  • Criminal Justice Studies: A Critical Journal of Crime, Law & Society
    Crank, John P., Irlbeck, Dawn M., Giacomazzi, Andrew L. A risk-based model of public perceptions of crime and disorder
    25, p. 131-144 2012
  • Police Practice & Research: An International Journal
    Co-Author and Co-Editor with Josh Crank: “Introduction.” Special Edition “The police military interface.”
    13(2) 2012
  • Police Quarterly
    Irlbeck, Dawn M. Latino Police Officers: Patterns of Ethnic Self-Identity and Latino Community Attachment
    11, p. 468-495 2008
  • Police Practice & Research: An International Journal
    Co-Editor with Josh Crank Special Edition of the Journal -- 'The Police Military Interface'
    13 (2)


  • Nebraska Victim Assistance Academy. Competitive Department of
    Justice (DOJ) grant for the State Victim Assistance Academy (SVAA) Initiative to develop,
    implement and sustain comprehensive, academically-based, fundamental education and skillsbuilding
    training for victim assistance providers, victim advocates, criminal justice personnel and
    other allied professionals who routinely interact with victims of crime. ($195,000).


  • Faculty Recognition Award
    Students’ selection for Creighton University faculty member who has made a transformative impact on their lives. Creighton University Student Support Services support students who are economically disadvantaged, first generation college students, and/or students with disabilities, helping ensure equal opportunity for success in higher education.
    Creighton University Student Support Services
  • Elton S. Carter Award for Excellence in a Master’s Thesis
    Top selection in university-wide competition among theses produced during 2000
    Graduate College University of Nebraska at Omaha