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Randy D . Jorgensen, PhD, CFA

Director, Master of Finance program


Randy D. Jorgensen, PhD, CFA


Heider College of Business
Economics & Finance - Business
Graduate School
Business Administration MBA (Master's)
Finance (Master's)
Investment Management and Financial Analysis (Master's)
HARP - Harper Center for Student Life & Learn - 3016D

Randy D . Jorgensen, PhD, CFA

Director, Master of Finance program


Dr. Jorgensen is a Professor of Finance and Director of the Master of Investment Management and Financial Analysis and Master of Finance programs at Creighton University.  Dr. Jorgensen has taught classes in all three of Creighton’s CFA review courses.  His teaching in the MIMFA and MFin programs includes fixed income, derivatives, portfolio management and ethics.  He has published a number of articles in various refereed academic and professional journals. Dr. Jorgensen received his Ph.D. from the University of Missouri in 1994 and earned his CFA designation in 2004.  Prior to his career in academics, Dr. Jorgensen was a bank examiner and a commercial loan officer.

Curriculum Vitae

Research Focus

Corporate finance, ethics, fixed income, financial statement analysis, portfolio management


Economics and Finance




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    Wingender, J., Jorgensen, R., The Wealth Effects of Stock Certificate Dematerialization 2015
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  • Investment Management and Financial Innovations
    Gracia-Feijoo, L., Howe, J. S., Jorgensen, R. D. Liquidity costs and the information content of calls of warrants: Intra-industry evidence.
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  • Journal of Financial Economics
    Jordan, B. D., Jorgensen, R. D., Kuipers, D. R. The relative pricing of US Treasury STRIPS: empirical evidence
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  • Journal of Wealth Management
    Washer, Ken, Bob Johnson and Randy Jorgensen. The Increasing Volatility of the Stock Market
    Vol. 19, No. 1, p. 71-82 2016


  • Heider College of Business Graduate Business Faculty Member of the Year
    HCOB Graduate Students


  • Transition to a High Interest Rate Environment
    Rudolph, Karen, Max Rudolph and Randy Jorgensen, “Transition to a High Interest Rate Environment,” consulting project sponsored by Committee on Life Insurance Research, Financial Reporting Section, SOA Research Expanding Boundaries (REX) Funding Pool. Project relates to a grant in the amount of $80,000.
    SOA Research Expanding Boundaries Research
    2014 - 2014